Released Summer, 1991

Community Chest Records #5

1000 Copies - 7” Record / Black Vinyl

Side A:


"Just a Taste"
was a 3 song EP released to showcase the various musical styles of BiG MiSTAKE.  The most recognizable one is "DEEPER”, which remains one the most favorite songs among critics and fans.
The album was recorded at UPSTAIRS AUDIO in
Willimantic, CT by Michael Bloomer. By this time, Mike had gained a sense of what type of music the band was driving towards and
helped capture that sound in a single weekend. The outcome was one of the most diverse albums the band released until MIRROR in 1992.
"Just a Taste" has 3 songs, with "INDECISION" holding a funky guitar and bass rhythm, "PEOPLE CHANGE" with straight emo-pop and "DEEPER" showcasing the first recorded appearance of Gabe on trumpet.  "DEEPER" has been a favorite with the fans as well as the members of the group. It has gone through various changes when performed live: sometimes longer with a Reggae twist, sometimes with additional trumpets and horns,
a few times with a funky breakdown in the middle and even tweaked in a "classic rock" version with no trumpet but with Gabe on guitar. "DEEPER" has also been associated with the "flaming trumpet" which excited everyone around including club owners.  This was years before “Great White” hit Rhode Island.
Just A Taste


Spring, 1991

7” Record