Released Spring, 1992

Community Chest Records

1500 Copies - Mirror Sleeve / Clear Vinyl

1000 Copies - White Sleeve / Clear Vinyl

was BiG MiSTAKE's landmark release: 6 songs
tuned to perfection, recorded in Springfield, MA at INTERWOOD STUDIOS by Paul Interland.
BiG MiSTAKE met Paul through Community Chest Records' frontman Mark Dargie. Mark's band SPOKE (MA) had success with Paul, so BiG MiSTAKE decided to give him a try. Paul had
big teased hair and drummed in a Led Zeppelin tribute band on the side. Why not?
The album was recorded in one long weekend, the notes that made the songs just fell into place, partially due to the extensive show schedule at the time with practices during the week.  
One difficulty in making the album was the actual amount of time allotted to fit onto a 7” release at 33rpm. To fit them all, the band had to end all the songs with no fades, or "tight".
You will notice this on "MIRROR".
"MIRROR" has 6 songs, the title track being a powerful leap for the band. This release has a variety of sounds ranging from hardcore to pop to ska to rock. Gabe appears with his trumpet
on "Top 4T" and both Ted and Gabe trade vocals on each of the songs - a match the makes BiG MiSTAKE's sound unique.


Winter, 1991

7” Record