Released Fall, 1990

Vandal Children Records  VCR12

1000 Copies - 7” Record / Black Vinyl

came hot on the trail of the band's first      7” release titled “BiG EGO”. 
Waiting was recorded by Michael Bloomer in Willimantic, CT at another new location for Upstairs Audio: this time a storage barn was converted into a recording studio.
Three weekends of recording were captured on videotape, yet one event missed being filmed.  While Ted was recoding vocals, drummer Rob was outside the Vocal Booth videotaping when Michael Bloomer (the audio engineer) came behind him and asked Rob to turn around. Rob turned and Michael blasted him and the camera with the fire
extinguisher blast. The area covered in Extinguisher.  Nobody knows why he did what he did, and even stranger is that nobody remembers who was operating the audio console at the time.
"WAITING" has 5 songs, each song varies from pop to rock with a sprinkle of hardcore with an alternative edge. This release holds the early musical stylings BiG MiSTAKE was reaching for. "Waiting" rises from nervous energy, "Pissed Off" Ted used as his outlet for unemployment and "Hobbit" - the ramblings about a troll romping around the woods with Chris adding texture
with his Hendrix Wah-Wah pedal.


Summer, 1990

7” Record